Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Radical Decision

I have come to what some might consider a radical decision! As you may know, I have so many blogs right now that it's sometimes hard to keep track of what's going on and where. So, I am bringing all my current blogs to a halt. I'm not deleting them. But, I am folding them as of today. In their place, I have set up a new blog titled Nick Redfern's Fortean World. Yeah, I know: it's hardly the most original or imaginative title, but it is accurate and to the point! So, from now on, while all my existing blogs will remain archived, here's the address for the new blog, Nick Redfern's Fortean World. As you'll see, the design and style has not been completed yet, and there's no content yet either. But, bear with me, and over the next few days you'll see it start to develop its life and character!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The World's Weirdest Places: September

In September, New Page Books will publish my book, The World's Weirdest Places, which is described as follows in the blurb accompanying the book:

"Just in time for that most mysterious and macabre of all nights--Halloween, of course--Nick Redfern unleashes The World's Weirdest Places, his latest darkly entertaining supernatural title.

"In its mysterious pages, you will find Redfern's personal top 25 paranormal-themed locales, and the strange, amazing, and diabolical things that lurk within them.

"From the legendary Loch Ness, Scotland, to the slopes of Mount Shasta, California; from the dark depths of the Solomon Islands to the heart of the Kremlin; and from the magical landscape of Sedona, Arizona, to the turbulent waters of the Devil's Sea of Japan, The World's Weirdest Places reveals the sheer astonishing scale of strangeness that dominates our planet.

"Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts, vampires, UFOs, lake monsters, strange energies, enigmatic vortexes, werewolves, and terrifying demons are just some of the bizarre things that populate these parts of our planet, which provoke as much fascination and intrigue as they do fear and horror."

Cross Timbers Reviewed

As you'll note from the previous post at this blog, last weekend I was speaking at the Cross Timbers Creature Conference in Norman, Oklahoma. You can find a mini-review of the gig from me over at Cryptomundo. And here's the link.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Cross Timbers Creature Conference

If you're in the area, I'll be speaking about "British Bigfoot" reports at the Cross Timbers Creature Conference in Oklahoma on April 14. Maybe I'll see you there! If you do want to attend, you can find more information right here.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Keep Out! in New Dawn Magazine

The new issue of Australia's New Dawn magazine (March-April 2012, No. 131) includes an extensive 6-page interview with me about Keep Out! - my latest title from the good folk at New Page Books.

In the interview we cover such off-limits places as Area 51; England's Porton Down; the Russian Area 51; Montauk; certain secure facilities on Puerto Rico; and much more - as well as their links to numerous enigmas and controversies, including UFOs, strange creatures, aliens, and weather-control.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Paradigm Symposium: October

This October (11-14th 2012), Intrepid Magazine and The Gralien Report will be hosting The Paradigm Symposium, a truly extraordinary event aimed at reexamining our place in the universe, and through studying our past, envisioning what our role for the future may be.

The symposium will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and will feature a wide range speakers that include Erich von Daniken, George Noory of Coast to Coast AM, William J. Birnes of UFO Hunters and Ancient Aliens, PSIence author, Marie Jones, and many more fantastic speakers.

And, I'll be there, speaking about my forthcoming book, The Pyramids and the Pentagon.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 Radio & Lectures

Now that we are into a new year (the allegedly apocalyptic one of 2012!), I am removing the list of radio shows etc I did in 2011 and listing them here. Many of the shows are available online in archived format at the relevant website of the show in question.

And I'll be posting this year's gigs over on the right-hand-side of this page shortly.

In the meantime, here's the 2011 list, in the event you want to seek out the shows online:

Jan. 4, 2011: Ken Hudnall Radio Show;
Jan. 5, 2011: AZ UFO Show;
Jan. 5, 2011: UFO Undercover;
Jan. 6, 2011: Darkness Radio;
Jan. 9, 2011: Xtract Radio;
Jan. 9, 2011: Sonia Barrett Show;
Jan. 10, 2011: Cut to the Chase Radio;
Jan. 11, 2011: Walking With Spirit;
Jan. 12, 2011: Bill Kennedy Show;
Jan. 14, 2011: Kate Valentine UFO Show;
Jan. 14, 2011: Jeff Rense Show;
Jan. 16, 2011: 21st Century Radio;
Jan. 17, 2011: Wisdom Radio;
Jan. 18, 2011: Dawn of Shades Radio;
Jan. 18, 2011: Fate Radio with Hilly Rose;
Jan. 20, 2011: Live Paranormal;
Jan. 23, 2011: Micah Hanks Show;
Jan. 29, 2011: Eye to the Sky Radio;
Jan. 29, 2011: Beyond the Matrix Radio;
Jan. 29, 2011: Church of Mabus;
Feb. 6, 2011: Cut to the Chase;
Feb. 7, 2011: Coast to Coast;
Feb. 8, 2011: Journeys with Rebecca;
Feb. 10, 2011: Universal Spiritual Connection;
Feb. 13, 2011: The Bright Side Radio;
Feb. 21, 2011: Gabriel Wisdom Show;
Feb. 22, 2011: MUFON, San Antonio;
Feb. 24, 2011: Sandie Sedgbeer Show;
Feb. 25, 2011: The Truth Event;
Feb. 27, 2011: Explore Your Spirit;
Mar. 1, 2011: Paranormal Palace;
Mar. 2, 2011: Paranexus Radio;
Mar. 2, 2011: R.J. Richards Show;
Mar. 4, 2011: Exploring All Realms;
Mar. 5, 2011: Church of Mabus;
Mar. 7, 2011: PIR Radio;
Mar. 8, 2011: Gabriel Wisdom Show;
Mar. 9, 2011: Science for Life;
Mar. 10, 2011: Brilliant Essence Radio;
Mar. 10, 2011: Exploring All Realms;
Mar. 10, 2011: Full Power Living Radio;
Mar. 11, 2011: Hidden Realms;
Mar. 12, 2011: Exploring Unexplained Phenomena Radio;
Mar. 13, 2011: ISIS Paranormal Radio;
Mar. 14, 2011: Bruce Collins Show;
Mar. 15, 2011: Down of Crossroads;
Mar. 17, 2011: Robert Larsen Show;
Mar. 17, 2011: Exploring All Realms;
Mar. 20, 2011: Explore Your Heart;
Mar. 23, 2011: Donna Seebo Show;
Mar. 24, 2011: Donna Seebo Show;
Mar. 26, 2011: Eye to the Sky;
Mar. 27, 2011: Radio Mysterioso;
Mar. 31, 2011: Universal Truth Evolution;
Apr. 2, 2011: UFO Magazine Radio;
Apr. 3, 2011: Nancy Wallace Show;
Apr. 5, 2011: Double D Radio;
Apr. 7, 2011: Exploring All Realms;
Apr. 9, 2011: History Haunts and Legends Conference;
Apr. 10, 2011: Bigfoot Busters;
Apr. 13, 2011: Late Night in the Midlands;
Apr. 14, 2011: Exploring All Realms;
Apr. 14, 2011: EWP Radio;
Apr. 17, 2011: Radio Misterioso;
Apr. 18, 2011: Z-Talk Radio;
Apr. 22, 2011: Connecting the Light Radio;
Apr. 26, 2011: Fred Anderson how;
Apr. 28, 2011: Exploring All Realms;
May 3, 2011: One Feather Radio;
May 4, 2011: Big Fish Strategies Radio;
May 5, 2011: Cryptic Knowledge Radio;
May 7, 2011: Radio Amerika Now;
June 2, 2011: Brilliant Essence;
June 4, 2011: Universal Learning Secrets;
June 6, 2011: X-Zone;
June 7, 2011: Alfred Adams Show;
June 16, 2011: American Perspective Radio;
June 17, 2011: A Global Focus;
June 20, 2011: ESPN 1530, Clear Channel;
June 21, 2011: The Humor Station;
June 22, 2011: Coast to Coast;
June 23, 2011: Lucia Read Show;
June 24, 2011: Z-Talk;
June 25, 2011: Spooky Southcoast;
June 26, 2011: Dayna Winters Show;
June 27, 2011: Behind the Paranormal;
June 28, 2011: Badlands Radio;
June 29, 2011: Project White Paper;
July 1, 2011: Kate Valentine Show;
July 1, 2011: Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett;
July 3, 2011: Angel Espino Radio;
July 8, 2011: Jeff Rense Show;
July 9, 2011: Mental Radio;
July 10, 2011: Para-X;
July 15, 2011: Connecting the Light;
July 17, 2011: Strange Frequencies;
Aug. 13, 2011: EUP Radio;
Aug. 14, 2011: Explore Your Spirit;
Aug. 17, 2011: Jeanne White;
Aug. 18, 2011: Journeys with Rebecca;
Aug. 22, 2011: Donna Seebo;
Aug. 23, 2011: Mysterious Universe;
Aug. 24, 2011: UFO Encounters Live;
Aug. 26, 2011: Extreme Society;
Aug. 27, 2011: Radio Amerika Now;
Aug. 28, 2011: Radio Misterioso;
Aug. 31, 2011: Meg Blackburn Show;
Sept. 7, 2011: Conscious Living;
Sept. 10-11, 2011: Cryptid Fest;
Sept. 13, 2011: Mackenzie Show;
Sept. 18, 2011: Strange Frequencies;
Sept. 24, 2011: Anomaly Archives;
Sept. 25, 2011: Arira Show;
Oct. 1-2, 2011: Conscious Life Expo;
Oct. 17, 2011: Grand Dark Conspiracy;
Oct. 23, 2011: DFW MUFON;
Oct. 25, 2011: Royce Holleman;
Nov. 19, 2011: Earth Radio.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bigfoot, Controversy, And A New Q&A!

Lisa A. Shiel's new Sasquatch-themed book, Creature of Controversy: Forbidden Bigfoot, Part One, is now available.

It contains an extensive Q&A with me on my thoughts on what Bigfoot is (and isn't!), the paranormal/Fortean aspects of certain Bigfoot encounters, and much more that will probably not endear me (not that I am already! LOL) to the mainstream field of Cryptozoology!

As an example of the interview with me, here's a taster from it:

Lisa A. Shiel: "What is the biggest controversy in Bigfoot research?"

Nick Redfern: "In my personal opinion, without any doubt, it's why we haven't been able to catch Bigfoot or find a body or any hard evidence—which flies in the face, in my view, of any other animal that doesn't fall in the realm of cryptozoology. When it comes to bears, lions, and tigers, we may find them dead occasionally in the wild or we might find a bear occasionally hit by a truck, but the important thing is that even though it's just occasionally, it does happen. I think this is the biggest controversy with Bigfoot research. Bigfoot, even when it reportedly gets shot, never crumples to the ground and dies. If it unfortunately gets hit by a car, it always manages to escape. Photographic evidence is interesting but never conclusive. Hair samples are interesting but never conclusive. It's this overwhelming, almost eerie elusiveness with Bigfoot that to me is the most controversial aspect. The reason it's the most controversial aspect is because, by default, being so elusive to me implies there's something more—or paradoxically less—to Bigfoot than just being an unclassified animal that science hasn't found our doesn't recognize."

And if that has caught your attention, here's the publisher's blurb on the book:

Is Bigfoot real or a hoax?

For most people, this is the most controversial question surrounding Bigfoot. But to the folks who study Bigfoot—interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, and analyzing the data—there's no question about Bigfoot's reality. Yet behind the closed doors of Bigfoot research, arguments boil over into feuds worthy of the Wild West.

Now, Lisa A. Shiel invites you to step through the door and learn about the controversies that both enliven and hinder the quest for this mysterious creature:

• What should we call Bigfoot?
• Is Bigfoot paranormal, flesh and blood, or both?
• What on earth is Bigfoot?
• Should we shoot a Bigfoot in order to prove they exist?
• How much do we really know about Bigfoot?
• And much more!

Creature of Controversy exposes the feuds in a no-holds-barred look at the secret world of Bigfoot research, enhanced by interviews with other well-known Bigfoot researchers:

• Eric Altman
• Melissa Hovey
• Regan Lee
• Thom Powell
• Nick Redfern
• Kathy Strain

Will the Bigfoot mystery ever be solved, or will infighting block the search? Buy Creature of Controversy today to find out!