Friday, April 17, 2009

24 Hours of Strangeness!

SITD/Ripley's 24 Hr Anniversary Bash

A very special event is happening tomorrow: namely, the Shadows in the Dark 24hr Anniversary Bash live from the Ripley's Museum in St. Augustine, Florida. This is - as its name suggests, of course - a marathon, 24-hour-long series of radio interviews with a whole range of authors, researchers, writers and investigators within the realms of the paranormal and Forteana.

Click on this link, and you'll find the complete schedule of events (in East-Coast times).

As you'll see, me and Linda Godfrey will be on the show from 3PM to 4PM, and the subject will be (what else?!) werewolves. Doubtless Linda will be updating the audience on her latest research, and I'll be discussing my werewolf investigations that appear in my book, There's Something in the Woods.

This looks to be an excellent event; and if you can stay awake for the whole 24-hours, you will be in for a great treat!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

After Dark...

For those who may be interested, the new issue of Coast to Coast’s official magazine - After Dark - has a 2-page interview with me where we talk about a host of issues - such as Roswell, Crop Circles and Bigfoot and the paranormal. And you also get a bit of a taster about my forthcoming new book: Sci-Fi Secrets.

Here’s a few select quotes from the Q&A:

SASQUATCH: “…If Bigfoot is flesh-and-blood, then I’m the Pope!”

CROP CIRCLES: “…As is the case with my conclusions about Bigfoot being paranormal, it wins me no friends to say that I think all of the complex crop circles and pictograms are made by people…” (My caveat, however, is that there is still a significant paranormal component to the formations).

ROSWELL: “…I have recently uncovered [official, FOIA] documents about the death of a boy in the 1940s at Lincoln County, NM, where Brazel found the debris. The files talk about how there were suspicions that the boy’s death was due to a form of biological warfare derived from Japan’s Unit 731…”

If you’re interested in subscribing to After Dark (which is an excellent, glossy-paged, full-color production, with a wide and varied subject-matter), click right here, or write to: After Dark, P.O. Box 420234, Palm Coast, Florida, 32142-0234.

I’ll be away from tomorrow for the Easter weekend; so have a good holiday, and I’ll be back on Monday.