Thursday, April 9, 2009

After Dark...

For those who may be interested, the new issue of Coast to Coast’s official magazine - After Dark - has a 2-page interview with me where we talk about a host of issues - such as Roswell, Crop Circles and Bigfoot and the paranormal. And you also get a bit of a taster about my forthcoming new book: Sci-Fi Secrets.

Here’s a few select quotes from the Q&A:

SASQUATCH: “…If Bigfoot is flesh-and-blood, then I’m the Pope!”

CROP CIRCLES: “…As is the case with my conclusions about Bigfoot being paranormal, it wins me no friends to say that I think all of the complex crop circles and pictograms are made by people…” (My caveat, however, is that there is still a significant paranormal component to the formations).

ROSWELL: “…I have recently uncovered [official, FOIA] documents about the death of a boy in the 1940s at Lincoln County, NM, where Brazel found the debris. The files talk about how there were suspicions that the boy’s death was due to a form of biological warfare derived from Japan’s Unit 731…”

If you’re interested in subscribing to After Dark (which is an excellent, glossy-paged, full-color production, with a wide and varied subject-matter), click right here, or write to: After Dark, P.O. Box 420234, Palm Coast, Florida, 32142-0234.

I’ll be away from tomorrow for the Easter weekend; so have a good holiday, and I’ll be back on Monday.

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