Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mysteries at Angel Fire

On the weekend of September 11-13, I'll be speaking at the Paranormal Symposium at Angel Fire, New Mexico - on the subject of my investigations of such beasts as the Chupacabra; werewolves; lake-monsters; Bigfoot in Britain; out-of-place animals; and much more.

Here's the link to the conference, where you can find more information on the location, the full speaker line-up, and much more.

Last night four of the speakers - me, good mate Greg Bishop, Dennis Balthaser and Chuck Wade - did a round-table interview on Royce Holleman's Paranormal Palace Radio. After a few technical problems, we got a good debate going on a variety of topics of a Fortean nature.

Royce has already archived the show, which can be found here.

After a minute or two of technical issues that kept cutting our phones off, the interview begins fine.

If you can make it to Angel Fire, you're guaranteed a good time, with a wide range of speakers and a cool location!

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